At the beginning of any project, it is essential to inquire about the value of the property to be sold. Of course, now there are websites allowing you to obtain a value in less than 5 minutes, however these studies are very limited, and almost useless…

How can a simple algorithm take into account the location, the standing of the building, the services, the floor, the exposure, the work required in the property or in the building, the external surfaces, the annexes, etc.…

Fan error in the valuation can price the property out of the market… or worse, let you sell the property under its market value!

Blue Sky Immobilier valuations mean:

  • 4 databases in order to analyse the market
  • up to 5 valuation methods
  • a 10 pages report explaining the valuation
  • market understanding
  • a study of competing properties


According to a study by, quality photos mean 7 times more interest in a real estate ad. Indeed, if 41% of Internet users do not read the ad text, they spend an average of 20 seconds looking at the photos. But before clicking on the ad, they spend 2 seconds looking at the first photo!

For an agency offering a professional photo service, it means on average 3.6 times more purchase offers per year.

Effective marketing is first and foremost the certainty of being seen.

Blue Sky Immobilier marketing means:

  • enhancing the curb appeal of your property
  • professional photos
  • the choice of the best distribution
  • the availability of advisers
  • access to its partners (financial, construction, etc.)
  • mailing and flyer campaigns
  • “FOR SALE” tarpaulins


Going through a real estate professional with the ability to write a sales agreements (or promises), means the time between accepting a purchase offer and signing a preliminary contract is considerably shorter. Indeed, without a properly compiled file, and by choosing to go through a notary for the drafting of a “compromis”, the deadlines can increase by 2 months! The time for your buyer to question his acquisition, to be (badly) advised about the purchase, to doubt…

A real estate sale does not stop after the acceptance of an offer; it is the starting point for a new stage in the sales process.

Blue Sky immobilier sales mean:

  • a complete sales file
  • support in all procedures
  • monitoring the sales process
  • contact with the buyer
  • shortened sales times
  • negotiation support
  • meeting with the agency's notary


When looking for real estate, you have to define a number of criteria, but above all you have to study your budget carefully. There is certainly the borrowing capacity and the personal contribution which are the basis of any financing study, but it is also necessary to consider any extra costs, such as the notary costs, renovation costs of the property and / or in the building, running costs and taxes, etc...

A professional can guide and advise you in order to calculate the various add-on costs which will have to be paid before you get the keys.

A purchase with Blue Sky Immobilier means:

  • an advisor to make sure you’re getting a good deal
  • real knowledge of the different areas of Nice
  • an inter-agency database
  • studying your budget
  • negotiating the price of the property
  • examining the various purchase costs
  • preparing your move
  • a professional service even after the sale
Our Blue Sky Immobilier commitment: a great result & satisfaction

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